Are you fed up with project failure?

In the Online Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success“ you will transition into a more visible and more proactive Project Sponsor while avoiding feeling overwhelmed and clawing back time for your day job.


Is your Project Sponsor role a living nightmare?

Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success

You are a time starved individual, being pulled in all different directions. Sponsoring a project is just another thing on your plate.

But – do you actually understand the key elements that need to be in place and the most crucial behaviours you need to display to support projects to success?

Is your current project a nightmare? Your project team is disengaged and demotivated, the project is notoriously understaffed and not delivering the expected benefits? You have no confidence in the Project Managers ability to deliver or to deal with the company politics of conflicting agendas? Your bonus is linked to the success of the project but the timeline has slipped again and costs are spiralling out of control? A true nightmare!

But – are you actually aware what your role is in this scenario and how you need to support the project team in order to deliver a successful project?

There are definitely a few practical things you can put into place and displaying specific behaviours and carrying out regular activities will contribute greatly to being more in control of the situation and enabling project success.

“Lessons learned from my last project were: Lack of Senior Sponsorship. My client would have benefitted from this course, explaining the basics of how to add value to the project as a Project Sponsor.”

Consultant – Sales and Marketing Transformation

“I have worked on many Change Programmes and I can’t think of many examples where Project Sponsorship was carried out in line with Best Practices. Most Project Sponsors would benefit from this guidance!” 

Transformation Director

Wouldn’t it be great to have more time for your day job and still sponsor successful projects?

And maybe even be recognised as a motivating leader and Role Model for change? There are a few challenges for you though! The role of a Project Sponsor is complex – a crucial role – which is little understood and hardly ever formalised. Most likely your Project Manager and the Project Team have high expectations towards you in your Project Sponsors role. This leads to misunderstandings, unfulfilled expectations and frustrations and the implications are, that the project delivery suffers.

One of the most important first steps in your Project Sponsor role is to formalise the role for your organisational circumstances. A second step is to become clear for yourself how you want to be and operate in this role, so that you are set up well and can be a true asset for your project team and enable project success. 

So far – unfortunately – very little support is available for Project Sponsors wanting to become better in their role! This is my observation over the years of my project experience. I have often offered training and coaching to my key stakeholders on an ad-hoc basis.

Therefore, I developed this Online Course from existing workshop and coaching material to help Project Sponsors to become more effective at their role, understanding the complexity of the role and integrating Power Strategies into the way they do things. I am excited to provide you with tried and tested tools for your own personal development. Some examples:


Why should you want to become a more effective, more visible and more proactive Project Sponsor?

Become a more visible and proactive Project Sponsor

You could go for the purely selfish reasons: how about the sense of accomplishment and achievement for assessing your own performance, identifying some areas for fine-tuning and observing your improvements? Think about feeling the evidence in less time spend fire-fighting and more time available for your other responsibilities. Or less stress, more clarity around priorities and a smoother working day.

If you look at the impact you have on your project team though, they will be immensely grateful if they have clarity around roles and responsibilities. They will be less stressed in their project delivery, and absolutely more motivated if they know you have their back.

Also I am sure if you ask them, they will grudgingly admit that they are not always 100% happy with your current Project Sponsor behaviours. You could ask them direct, and you will have the opportunity to involve them at some point during the Course. But you will initially reflect on your behaviours by answering to some of the thought-provoking questions I will ask you during the course.

Improve Efficiency, Visibility and Proactivity!

What can you expect in the Course?

  • Lessons with plenty of learning
  • Manageable steps and practical bite-sized chunks of information
  • Immediately applied to your own circumstances
  • Downloadable pdf-worksheets and checklists
  • Reflective Journal and frequent learning checks
  • Flexibility of self-serve course, you can do the course in your own time and at your own speed
  • Easy access to worksheets and checklists in resource repository
  • Medium of your choice (learn on your laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Alternative materials for different learning styles
Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success

What tangible outcomes will you achieve?

You can expect to achieve the following during the Course:

  • Own Role description tailored to your circumstances in the organisation and agreement with team on Project Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities – less assumptions, more clarity
  • Clear communication around how you want to work with the project team and what your rules and boundaries are
  • Better understanding of what the role of Project Sponsor entails
  • Reflection on your current understanding of the Role of a Project Sponsor, your specific circumstances and thoughts around shaping the role going forward
  • Baseline of your performance and clarity about your areas for Improvement to be an even more effective Sponsor
  • A clear powerful action plan to become a better project sponsor
  • Habit building to develop new Sponsor Behaviours

Let me help you with this practical Course which breaks down the daunting task of being a Project Sponsor into bite-size chunks of knowledge, supported by tips, tricks, checklists and exercises.

Project Sponsor Wheel

Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success

I will be taking you on a journey of self-discovery and learning. Together we will be laying the foundations to set you up for Project Sponsor success:

Lesson 1: Potential to empower the Project Sponsor role

Lesson 2: Revolutionising the Project Sponsor role

Lesson 3: Changing your habits to be a successful Project Sponsor

After completing this Online Course, you will have started on your journey to become a more effective and visible Project Sponsor. You will save time in the long run, be less stressed, have better results (more projects on time in budget to quality).

In order to get the most benefit out of the Course, adopt the attitude of an active learner, don’t just passively consume the content – apply it to your own circumstances!

Here’s why you need to hit “JOIN” right now …

  • What would it cost you not to act? Feeling overwhelmed, constant mode of fire-fighting, burnout, threat to bonus, difficult working relationships, loss of respect, millions in project cost and cost of poor quality, loss of revenue, lower ROI, bad track record of project delivery, …
  • Reasons why you should join this Online Course now: Flexibility of self-serve Course in your own time, at your own speed, better business results, …
  •  Cost efficient Course: Depending on the consultancy or training company you employ, a similar on-site Course would cost the equivalent of one or two day-rates for a Senior Managing Consultant or experienced Project Manager. Why not benefit from my knowledge and experience to skill yourself up and save the organisation hundreds of thousands in sunk cost and wasted time and effort?

Is this Course for you?

This Course is for you, when you:

This Course is not for you, when you:

Register for the Online Course for Project Sponsors now!

No risk for you purchasing the Course now! I offer a 14 day no quibble 100% money-back guarantee if the Course does not meet your expectations.

But just so that we are clear – there are no refunds for changing your mind. If you complete the first lesson and the assigned work and feel that this Course is not for you, just write me an E-mail to and you will get your money back, no quibbles, no hard feelings.

The Course is for action takers who are ready to be accountable for their own development and want to become the best Project Sponsors they can be, so that they can make a difference to the projects they are sponsoring and their staff.

14 day money back guarantee

Laying the foundation for your Project Sponsor Success:  

One-time payment of: GBP 197*

* inclusive of any applicable VAT and other taxes or levies which are imposed or charged by any competent authority.

3 Lessons
Laid out over 3 weeks, 1.5-2 hours time investment per week
Material Repository for easy to retrieve checklists and templates
12 months access to material

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So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to become the best Project Sponsor you can be! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any questions answered before buying the Course?

These are the most common questions people have asked me before buying the Course:

Q: I am running around like a headless chicken already, I have no time for an Online Course.
A: The Course is divided into 3 lessons and planned over 2-3 weeks. Your time investment is a total of 5 hours, approximately 1.5 hours per lesson / week. I am sure you can invest this time to identify some development areas and work on improving your skills and become better in your role – this will pay back in the long run, as you will be more effective in your role and enable more projects to be completed successfully.

Q: I don’t want to follow a timed Course, I want to learn according to my own speed and time availability.
A: The Course has been structured to be in bite-sized, practical chunks and you can apply the materials immediately to your circumstances and do so at your own pace. The Course will take you approximately 5 hours to complete and is laid out for you to complete it over a 2-3 week period. There may be some elements that you are already familiar with, others where you might want to spend some more time on. You can learn in your own time and progress at your own speed.

Q: I am sure I do a decent role as a Project Sponsor, I don’t need a Course.
A: I am sure that 100% of Project Sponsors think that they are doing a fantastic job, yet 70-80% of projects fail, and the number one reason for this has been identified as the lack of visible and proactive Project Sponsorship. As you have read this far, you might have a little niggling doubt. Look at the Online Course as a kind of “Project Sponsors Anonymous” – and see whether you can improve your Project Sponsor skills! Anyway, there is no risk for you. There is a 14 day money back guarantee. If you – before you start the Course – already understand the complexity of the role, have a formalised Project Sponsor role description in place in the organisation and carry out all the Project Sponsor Power Strategies, you are probably doing a decent role – and then you just ask for your money back!

Q: Will the time investment in the Course pay back over time?
A: Yes, absolutely! You will invest about 5 hours to work through the Online Course and you will gain clarity around your role, agree how you want to work with your project team, integrate some best practice Project Sponsor habits into your repertoire – and just doing this will pay back your time-investment manifold.

Q: What do I do if I need help / I get stuck?
A: Reach out to me ( and I make sure I get back to you within 48 hours during office hours (UK-based).

Q: Will I be a certified Project Sponsor when I complete the course?
A: I do not offer certification training. At the end of the Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success” you will not be a certified Project Sponsor. My approach: I give you practical tips that you can implement immediately in your current project and you can see the impact and the changes in your practice immediately. To my knowledge there is no certification for Project Sponsors, however other providers do offer fantastic certification Courses in the broader Project Management field.

Q: Who are you, what are your qualifications?
A: I have more than 15 years’ experience as a Change Manager and Project Manager in various sectors and countries. I personally have been trained & certified in Project Management and Change Management Theory (PMI (Project Management), PROSCI (Change Management Facilitator), Lean Six Sigma trained up to Master Blackbelt Level) and have been a volunteer Mentor with the award winning Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme since it’s inception in 2009.

Q: I need a VAT invoice or want to pay via a different payment mechanism, what do I do?
A: Reach out to me ( and I make sure I get back to you within 48 hours during office hours (UK-based). I will issue manual VAT invoices if you indicate your Company Name, Address, Country and VAT registration number. We can also discuss payment via bank transfer, purchase order, etc.

Q: I am in charge of leadership learning and the Online Course is interesting for one / some of our senior managers, who have Project Sponsor responsibilities. Can I book the Course for them and issue logins?
A: Yes, there are a few different ways to realise this. Best thing is to contact me on and we can discuss the different options and find out what works best for you and your leaders.

Q: Will the material be dripped or will I have access to all the material upon purchase?
A: Although I am offering a money back guarantee and I know that a lot of fellow Course developers drip the material to protect against theft, I believe that you should have access to all materials from the start, so that the number one advantage of learning Online – being able to learn in your own time and at your own speed – is guaranteed. That’s why I make all the material available upon payment of the Course fee. I treat you like a professional in control of time management, so I trust that you use the money back guarantee if you have tried the material and you don’t find it useful. And that you don’t steal my material.

Q: How long will I have access to the material?
A: In the Terms and Conditions and marketing material I state that you have access to the Online Platform upon purchase of the Course for 12 months. The learning material and resources are downloadable (e.g. checklists, manuals, worksheets) so make sure you store them in line with the Intellectual Property clause. I have seen other people in the industry give lifetime access to Courses – and this is a great guarantee to give, however I am currently starting out with my Online Course venture, so a lifetime seems like a long time! Let’s see whether I hit a sweet spot with my offering!