Practical guide and useful resources

Helping you become the best Project Sponsor you can be!

Practical guide and useful resources

Tailored services for your needs

Are you a seasoned manager in your organisation and have many change initiatives under your belt? Or are you a new Project Sponsor with too many things on your plate?

Whether you just want to finetune how you carry out your role as a Project Sponsor or if you are looking for more guidance on how to set yourself up for success in your new role, you will find the right resources below.

I feel passionate about helping people through change. Let’s discuss your specific needs for your particular circumstances!

Understand your role and become more effective

Free E-mail Course

Do you think you can benefit from fine-tuning your Project Sponsor Skills? Sign up for the free E-mail Course now.

5 Powerful Strategies for successful Project Sponsors:

  • formalising the role to avoid frustration
  • leading by example
  • overcome Project Sponsor myths
  • claw back some time for your day job
  • the aspects that make a successful Sponsor

Take the Online Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success”

Compact and practical Online Course for you as a Project Sponsor to become more effective in your role.

We will look into how you can be more impactful and more successful in your role by regularly spending only 2 – 3 hours a week on Project Sponsor activities, in order to enable the delivery of more and more projects on time, to quality and with the expected benefits.

Book a Sparring Partner

1:1 coaching. The sessions are set up to be compact and action oriented sessions à 30 – 45 minutes each.

Could you benefit from a personal touch to keep you motivated? We can work together, e.g. on identifying some areas for improvement and introducing best practice Sponsor behaviours into your repertoire.

Or could you benefit from an outsider’s perspective to bounce ideas off when the going gets tough in your project? Let’s discuss your specific project needs!

Improve Change Communication for your project

Free Checklist

Do you want a one-stop checklist to:

  • avoid resistance to your change?
  • prevent project failure due to too little communication?
  • save time composing powerful Change Communication?
  • avoid writers block when starting your Change Communication with a blank sheet of paper?

Download the checklist now to either draft your next Change Communication or to proof existing Change Communication.

Take the Online Course “Communicate for successful Change”

Are you looking to brush up on your Change Communication skills? Become more visible and more proactive as Project Sponsor.


  • develop your re-usable Communication Blueprint
  • refresh your understanding of the Project Sponsor role in Change Communication
  • download practical tools and templates
  • draft powerful Change Communications
  • avoid resistance to change

Tailored training

Tailored on-site training for your Team.

If you have a group of Project Sponsors you want to upskill, I’m happy to offer a series of tailored 1/2-day intensive Training Courses or alternatively Blended Learning Programmes including Online Materials and 1:1 Coaching.

Let’s have a conversation around the training needs of your team and let me come up with a proposal.

These kinds of programmes are lovely as peers can learn new skills and at the same time get to know the business and each other better!

Cathrin is an outstanding mentor, coach and trusted person. She is very open minded, engaged and goal-focused. She shared many useful tools to supplement soft-skills and to stimulate personal development. She makes complex subjects easy to understand and is very thoughtful when it comes to individual advice and approaches. She acts very professionally while showing empathy at the same time. I had many interesting, valuable and useful discussions with Cathrin over the last years.   –  Nils Wrogemann, Senior Relationship Manager (Vice President) – German Large Corps at Deutsche Bank

Please call me on +44 7855 919748 or send me an E-mail to I am looking forward to an informal conversation to discuss your specific Project Sponsor needs.