Do you want help to become the best Project Sponsor you can be?

Introducing a practical and bite-sized Online Course "Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success"!

Best Project Sponsor

Do you want help to become the best Project Sponsor you can be?

Why have I created a Course for Project Sponsors?

„I am passionate about helping Project Sponsors becoming better in their role.“ – Cathrin Kolb

Because throughout my 15-year career as a Project Manager and Change Manager in the UK and Germany, working in different sectors on a variety of different change programmes in different roles, I have always felt most strongly about helping people through change. I achieved this by training and coaching them to acquire the skills to be able to assume their new role or new way of working. I have worked with many Project Sponsors during these projects and have often also supported them through training and coaching.

Little help for this overlooked role

Unfortunately, you as Project Sponsors often don’t receive the support you need in order to carry out your role appropriately. This is reflected in the countless studies, which quote lack of effective Project Sponsorship as the number 1 reason why projects fail.

„Project Sponsors are an overlooked group with regards to receiving training and support for their role.“ – Cathrin Kolb


Feeling passionate about this topic for a while and having researched Project Management literature, I find it astonishing that, although Project Sponsors are continuously critiqued for not doing a good job, there is still not more help for you out there.

This is what inspired me to design the compact and practical Online Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success”. Have a look and find out whether you can benefit from the Course on your journey.

Are you overwhelmed and struggling in your Project Sponsor role?

Or do you just want a little fine-tuing? Has your board just given you yet another project to look after? Are you already overwhelmed with all the tasks on your desk for your “day job” and chronically short of time? Do you need to be more hands-on than you ideally want to be, because the project manager is inexperienced and the project team under-resourced? Do you feel abandoned and left to struggle through this on your own?

Then I can help you!

With a compact and practical Online Course called “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success”, for you as a Project Sponsor to become more effective, visible and proactive in your role. In my experience Project Sponsors often do not have time to spare for the project and have other priorities. We will look into how you can make a significant impact in your role by regularly spending only 2 – 3 hours a week on Project Sponsor activities, in order to enable the delivery of more and more projects on time, to quality and with the expected benefits – consequently being more impactful and more successful in your role.

In the Course, you will have the opportunity to assess your performance and identify any areas for improvement. We’ll make sure that you also commit to improving these areas by establishing a powerful action plan.

If you are interested in the Course “Setting the Project Sponsor up for Success” just click the Course title and find out more!

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