I love helping people through change! Let me accompany you on your Project Sponsor Journey!

Why I do what I do?


With more than 15 years’ experience as a Change Manager and Project Manager in various sectors and countries I have developed a real passion for helping people through change processes by training and coaching. During this time I have also coached and supported numerous Project Sponsors in various change programmes.

Since the inception of the Warwick Business School Mentoring Programme in 2009 I have also been a volunteer Mentor, helping business people in orgainisations deal better with their day-to-day challenges through mentoring and coaching. The programme has won the Bronze Award for ‘Best Mentoring Programme’ at the British National Training Journal Awards.


My realisation throughout the delivery of various change projects was that the Project Sponsor is the most overlooked group of participants in the change process. And I found that it is always the same issues that either Project Sponsors are facing (having too much on their plate to be effective in their role) or Project Teams (frustration that the Sponsor is absent, not engaged and does not fulfil the very important role).

Then I started researching in literature to find information or training material available for Project Sponsors – but I didn’t find an awful lot. I then identified the most common challenges and started producing very practical and applicable training material to support Project Sponsors become more effective, more visible and more proactive in their role.

This is why I have the particular ambition to help the Project Sponsors! I hope I hit a sweet spot.

What drives me?

Setting up a successful online business is my motivator! It will help with my travel bug! I enjoy travelling for leisure, see new places. And I want to give back by using my skills. A few years back I spent 3 months volunteering in Cambodia – I looked into improving the supply chain for free range chickens and farmed fish with the aim to double the income of the poorest farmers in the target areas. The implementation of my recommendations led to 60% increase in chicken flock sizes and actual sales. I volunteered with VSO in the context of the initiative “Making Markets work for the Poor”, funded by the Accenture Foundation.

Being able to do more of this, using my skills and give back and at the same time run my business and work with my clients is a real motivator in the process of setting up my business as an online business.

And in my free time?

Having recently relocated from Stuttgart to Glasgow, I am still exploring the city as a tourist in my free time. I love the culture, music and restaurants it has to offer – there is much to explore. Still outstanding is a visit to the Barrowlands to see one of the original iconic Glasgow Music bands of the 80ies.

Running is a passion of mine. I only started about 5 years ago and have since worked up to Halfmarathon distance. I often use my running training to listen to Podcasts about Sales Funnels or to let creative ideas flow.

Please call me on +44 7855 919748 or send me an E-mail to Cathrin.Kolb@projectsponsorguide.com. I am looking forward to an informal conversation to discuss your specific Project Sponsor needs.